Providing Parents With Answers

  • What School Next gives you, the parent, access to all the information you will need in deciding which secondary school to send your child to.

  • You could spend weeks tracking down this information, waiting to be called back and following up on calls not received, we've done all that for you.

  • We have done your research for you! We can provide you with the answers to all those questions you are thinking but don’t know where to get them.

  • What School Next’s dedicated research team have spoken to thousands of schools throughout the UK to enable you to access all the information you will need on one easy to use site.

  • This site will save you time searching through endless school sites, having to make lots of calls, leaving messages and waiting for call backs.

  • What School Next is “run by parents for parents” we understand how you feel and know what information you need.

  • Easy login and registration, it takes less than a minute.

Use this site to find important information about:

  • School Admissions Policies
  • Catchment Areas
  • Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Exam Results
  • Local Transport
  • Places Available
  • And More

  • What School Next also provides:

    • A Unique School Comparison Tool - compare up to 3 schools at a time
    • Printable School Information Packs
    • School to Front Door Distances

    Welcome To What School Next
    Hi, I’m Sarah, the editor of WhatSchoolNext and I would like to welcome you to the site.

    WhatSchoolNext has been set up to help parents all the information they need on secondary schools in one place. As parents, we at WSN (WhatSchoolNext – for short) appreciate the never ending struggle to find the right school for your child so, with our team of full time researchers and their extensive calls to all the schools in England, we have finally gathered all the information one could ever want on schools. Our data is like no other websites’, as we have not simply taken all of our information from government databases, but found out all of the essential bits of information which we found rather annoyingly no website seemed to have. We also built a couple of nice little tools for users to enjoy on the site as you can see in the bullet points above.

    Not so long ago, I was in the same position as you, trying to find out which schools were available and how and what I had to do to get my son in, including what seemed like an endless battle with the school appeals process, taking months and months of research from when we began looking. My hard work and effort resulted in him being ensured a place at one of the top state schools in London. In the aftermath of my frustrating and exhaustive ordeal, I realised how useful my research would be to other parents.

    This site is here so that never again will a parent struggle to find out when the open days for the school are, what the catchment area is and if it’s an independent school; what trusts can I go to, for funding my child’s education.

    From this day forward no parent will ever have to leave a message on the school admissions officer’s answer phone again! Welcome to WhatSchoolNext.

    If you have any problems navigating the website, or any questions please feel free to email me at Good Luck!
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